Friday, November 13, 2009

go UTES!

Here are some pic's of us enjoying the Ute game . . . even though we were freezing! Whenever we go to a game I have to get bundled up and I also take along 2 or 3 blankets! I don't handle the cold very well.

I am really excited about these pic's because a couple months ago (really probably 6 months ago) I somehow smashed our memory card ... oops, and somehow failed to mention it to Greg. Once he realized what I had done, he purchased another and these are the first pic's taken with it. Kinda depressing that I didn't do something about it sooner because we missed a lot of good photo opportunities, ex: U2 concert in Vegas!

Greg, me, Shaun and Toff

Greg and his friend Alan

John & Lezli

Me and my sister Shaun


Kellie said...

Ahhh, we are so jealous! Looks fun!

jolley time said...

So i just wanted to drop you a note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am leaving your this message where ever I can becuase I want you to know I have thought about you all day

Edwards Clan said...

Hey Susan! How are you? I hope things are going well for you guys. Miss you lots!